Competency and Placement Testing

All credit students must show competence in basic writing, mathematics, and computer skills. Competence in these areas contributes to the student’s potential for success in college. Competence in any of the above areas may be shown through transfer of college credit, CLEP scores, AP credits, SAT/ACT scores or competency testing.

Upon receiving official scores from the appropriate testing service a student will be placed into the appropriate level course or be granted academic credit.


SAT Writing

ACT (English/Writing)

Advanced Placement (Language)

Placement Into the Following Course

Credit Awarded

460 and below

19 and below


English 036





English 101





English 102

English 101

690 and above

32 and above

4 or 5


English 101, 102


SAT Math

ACT (Math)

Advanced Placement (Calculus AB or BC)

Placement Into the Following Course

Credit Awarded

400 and below

17 and below


Math 012





Math 161


610 and above

27 and above



Math 161

1) If remedial course work was taken at an accredited institution of higher education and the student passed the course, he may be placed in EN 101 or MA 161.

2) Students not meeting minimum scores will automatically be placed in basic 0-level courses.  Students without SAT or ACT test scores will automatically be put in 0-level courses.

3) Students automatically placed in a basic level course will have the option of coming to campus (or online when available) and take a competency test to demonstrate academic ability and be placed in the appropriate 100-level course.

4) Curricular deficiencies must be satisfied within a student’s first 24 hours of college-level coursework at MACU (excluding repeats, pass/fail and 0-level courses). Deficiencies not remediated during the specified time period will result in the student being academically suspended from MACU and have to remedy the deficiency before being allowed to return to MACU.

The Competency Test used by MACU is the Asset test. 

Form B2 is used to challenge placement in a 0-level basic course.  Form C2 is used at the conclusion of a 0-level basic course.  The writing exam is 36 questions and students choose 1 of 3 essays to write.  The numerical exam is 32 questions.  Each exam has a 25 minute time limit. 


  • Writing – A raw score of 26 or more correct places the student in EN101
  • Numerical – A raw score of 16 or more correct will place the student in MA161


Students must demonstrate proficiency in computers.  This may be achieved either by student either: (1) transfering college credit, (2) taking the proficiency exam for CS 090 Introduction to Computers and pass, or, (3) they must take the course for 0 credit hours (1 hour institutional credit) and pass the course.  On-campus students must meet this requirement during the first semester of residence.  On-line students must complete this requirement within the first 6 credit hours of courses.